Camila Haraguchi

Phone: 021 024 68199

Personal Trainer

Camila is a Personal Trainer with over 10 years experience. Having worked in the school system and various Fitness Centres, she is proficient in outdoor training, Pilates, health, strength and conditioning.
She has trained a wide variety of the general public from young children, teenagers, adults to elderly.
Camila´s exercise methods focus on outstanding technique, posture, mobility and core engagement.
Her aim is to work closely with clients to help them reach and attain their fitness goals. Leading them to a better quality of life that involves abundant health, physical and mental well being.

In terms of commitment, effort and dedication, there is no middle ground.
When it comes to health and fitness, do it right and do it well!
Em termos de compromisso, esforço e dedicação, não há meio termo.
Quando se trata de saúde e atividade física, faça o certo e faça o melhor!