What does level 1 mean for you at The Olympic…

Level 1 means change at The Olympic. Congratulations to all of you amazing Kiwi’s out there! There are currently 0 active Covid-19 patients in New Zealand, and thanks to our efforts as a collective nation, we will be returning to level 1 as of Midnight 8th June.  This means that The Olympic will be removing any mandatory Covid-19 precautionary measures that have been enforced on us to operate as a business in level 2. 

Level 2 enforcements we are removing:

  • Casual contact tracing
  • Limited numbers in some group fitness classes
  • Physical and social distancing
  • Limited numbers in Sauna and Steam Rooms

To say that we are back to normal would be incorrect…Covid-19 has changed the way we all approach hygiene and wellness…and it is our responsibility to ensure that this remains an important way in which we operate going forward. 


We will still be expecting you to:

  • Spray and wipe any equipment you use in the gym and group fitness studios
  • Bring a sweat towel when using the gym or group fitness classes
  • Sanitize your hands before and after entering the facility
  • Stick to 1 single machine (during busy times) in the gym
  • Book your classes in advance to guarantee space for group fitness
  • Preferably bring a filled water bottle (taps will be available)

The recommendation of the Prime Minister yesterday was to keep track of your own daily outings. This means that if you are coming to The Olympic on a casual basis, it is up to you to keep your own tracing…rather than the businesses. That being said, we will offer the tracing scanner at reception, and all membership/group fitness entries will be tracked by us. You can find more information on tracing here: https://uniteforrecovery.govt.nz/

Group Fitness:

Group fitness class timetables will be updated shortly to begin on the 15th of June. there will be a change of schedule for some classes, along with the addition of The Arena (which we are super excited to bring back). 


Bookings are still to be made for all classes…and we have loved the response from this new addition to our procedures. Remember to use the online platform HERE (BOOK CLASS), if you have any issues please contact us at fitin@theolympic.co.nz


Spin will increase to 25 bikes (+7)

Pump and HIIT will increase to 27 (+3)

Yoga numbers will remain the same: 24


Sauna and Steam Room:

Both of these areas will have restrictions removed on the number of occupancies. Make sure to share the space appropriately and fairly with other patrons in the facility. 

Cafe door:

In the meantime, this will remain as an exit only door. We want to ensure that in the need of contact tracing, we have greater control over who has entered our facility. You can still exit through the Aqua Cafe to get your post-workout meal, or it is a simple walk around the front to our reception entrance. 


Membership Suspension:

All suspensions under Covid-19 precautionary reasons will be terminated and memberships will resume. If you wish to continue the suspension for other reasons, please contact the Centre Manager – Kathy@theolympic.co.nz


Memberships Cancellation:

Cancelling a membership before the minimum term will resort back to the terms of your contract, and a cancellation fee will be required depending on the early break of contract. If this is you, please contact the Centre Manager – Kathy@theolympic.co.nz


Will Virtual classes remain?

At the current time, we will not be continuing with virtual classes. We hope to bring this back at some point in the near future with a more accessible portal for our members.