Group Fitness Classes in Newmarket

When you come and work out with us, you’ll never be doing it alone

We are constantly here to support you

When you come and work out at The Olympic Pools & Fitness Centre in central east Auckland you’ll never be doing it alone. We are constantly here to support you, whether it’s through your next set or in that last 5 minutes when you’re feeling the burn the most.

For even more support, you might want to try a group fitness class. Group fitness is a great way to make friends, get fit, and perfect your workout techniques. Working in small or large groups with a professional fitness trainer, you’ll enjoy invigorating activities ranging from pump classes to Zumba.

Feel The Burn

Class style.

Arena Training

Step into the arena and do some group fitness training that promotes weight loss and increases strength. Our arena sessions combine boot camp techniques, high-intensity interval training, and circuit and cross training.

Class style.

Pump Classes

If you want to pump up your energy, then try our pump training classes. You and your friends can come and do weights-assisted exercises in a choreographed program. The entire group fitness class is supervised by our professional fitness trainers, so you’ll get the most out of these fast and fun activities.

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Coreflex blends the best elements of yoga and pilates-based mat activities to create a unique program that enhances your muscle strength and length, enhancing flexibility.

Class style.

Yoga for You

Our yoga sessions are designed to enhance your vitality and flexibility, and promote a sense of wellbeing. Feel fantastic inside and out with these group fitness classes. Come with your friends or family, or meet new people here.

Class style.

Impact Training

Make a big impact on your health and fitness routine with group fitness classes that literally kick-start your training.

Impact uses various punching and kicking techniques derived from kickboxing to improve fitness, muscle tone, and coordination. It’s a great stress reliever too, so come along and unwind!

Class style.

“Peloton” Indoor Cycling

As long as you can pedal your legs in a cycling motion, you can do this class.

Peloton gets your health and fitness to the front of the pack, combining all the benefits of bike riding with the safety of an indoor environment.

Perfect for all ages, this spin class gets the heart pumping and promotes long-lasting benefits for your body.

Class style.

Athletic Step

Start burning calories today with our athletic step fitness classes in Newmarket. These sessions consist of choreographed, weights-assisted step patterns guided by a professional fitness trainer that challenge both your mind and body.

Follow the pattern, work your muscles, and burn some calories, all while making new friends or enjoying the company of old ones.

Class style.


Are you ready to dance? Zumba is the popular dance-based fitness program that has taken the world by storm – and for good reasons!

It’s energetic and fun with upbeat music and moves borrowed from the best Latin dancing styles. You’ll be strutting your stuff with friends while getting a great workout.