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Auckland City Gym
30th April 2019

Unexpected Mental Health Benefits Of Joining An Auckland City Gym

People join gyms because they’re committed to getting healthy, improving their fitness levels and losing…
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Group Fitness
2nd April 2019

A Guide To Help You Prepare For Group Fitness Classes In Auckland

So you’ve recently joined a gym, but are unsure which facilities will meet your needs…
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13th September 2018

New Gym Equipment Install

All our members who exercise at The Olympic can now change-up their routine with the addition of new gym equipment.

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Group Fitness
10th July 2017

Spin Your Way Into Shape

Cycling is everywhere at the moment From the Tour De France to kiwi sailors spinning…
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a young female practicing boxing
Health and Wellbeing
10th October 2016

Let’s Go Toe to Toe – The Benefits of Boxing

Let’s face it – there are different strokes for different folks, especially when it comes…
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A group of people outdoors, doing push-ups
Group Fitness
9th September 2016

Thinking about Signing Up For Boot Camp? Here’s What to Look For!

Boot camps – they can see you getting up before the crack of dawn for…
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26th August 2016

Olympic Challenge Results

Who Won Fame, Glory and The Adoring Fans? We’ve got the results right here!

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Group Fitness
9th August 2016

The Zumba Movement Craze!

It can be daunting trying something for the first time – especially when you have…
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