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Claire Turnbull qualified nutritionist, author, speaker, cultivates ideas and tips in our blog to help you get healthy and fit!

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  • Have you been brought up to finish everything on your plate? Find out how this might be affecting you (more...)
  • Would you love your skin to look glowing with health? Wish you could slow down the development of wrinkles (I think we all do!)? What you eat CAN make a difference. (more...)
  • Always get a cough and cold as soon as the cooler months approach? Sick of being sick all winter? We have some answers to keep you well this winter (more...)
  • Do you eat when you are bored, tired or upset? Do you feel like you NEED a coffee to start your day? It is time to ask yourself, are you eating/drinking for the right reasons (more...)
  • 11 June, 2013
    Do you struggle to come up with ideas for healthy snacks? If you are looking for some new ideas that ADD a BOOST of nutrition to your day and help you feel awesome, well…as if by magic, I have the answer. (more...)
  • You would never believe that something which looks so good and tastes unbelievably delicious could be good for you! It is all down to the how it is made and the secret ingredient…. (more...)
  • 11 June, 2013
    A smoothie can be a great breakfast or a filling snack! On weekends I sometimes have a smoothie for lunch if I have had eggs on toast for breakfast and a cooked dinner planned – it makes a quick and easy light meal. (more...)